York Township, Illinois
York Township, Supervisors Office
Oakbrook Center Supervisor's Office


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is my garbage company?

A: The Township does not require unincorporated residents to use a certain garbage company. We do recommend you ask your neighbors who they use as it would be more cost efficient to use a company that is already coming to your neighborhood. Any limitations on garbage can size, number of cans or waste stickers are all imposed by the garbage companies not the Township.

The following companies pick up in York Township:

DuPage Disposal


Flood Brothers Disposal


Republic Service Disposal


Roy Strom Disposal


Waste Management



Q: There is a dead animal on my street, who do I call?

A: Please call the Highway Department at 630-627-2200


Q: Is the Township involved in lobbying?

A: York Township does not engage in any specific lobbying service.


Q: Can I pay my property taxes at the Township?

A: No, the Township does not accept payment of property taxes.  Please visit the DuPage County website for more information and how payment is accepted. http://www.dupageco.org/Treasurer/1827/